Hero Machina

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Our protagonists — the members of Hero Machina. From left to right:

  • Kevérin Tyrion – Pyrotechnic – Leader of Hero Machina; Kevérin is a bright, if somewhat immature officer from Tekdecé. Hero Machina is his first leadership position, and he has little patience for those who ignore his orders.
  • Kaoné Densalin – Materiatechnic – A cheery girl with a surprisingly dark past. She has vowed to never kill, and to this day she is remarkably conflict-averse.
  • Siyuakén Wanléon – Electrotechnic – Metallic Infection researcher with a somewhat dry sense of humor and little patience for bullshit. She was a native Nimaliakian but was forced to move to Relédiaka when she was 10.
  • Davídrius Wrikax – Velocitechnic – Brash, impatient, and ill-tempered; he hates being told what to do. Was the sole Chaotic protector of his home in Treséd, giving him a lot of in-the-field experience – though his technical knowledge is lacking.
  • Christeané Kolstén – Forcetechnic – Chill and laid-back; he was crushed by a bridge in his youth and got over the trauma by adopting his (relatively) carefree attitude.
  • Kievkenalis Yumach – Chaostechnic – Arguable child prodigy; his ability as a Chaostechnic outstripped many others of similar power level, hence his quick rise to the rank of Captain. Has a somewhat aloof attitude and is slow to recognize negative subtext, however.
  • Rebehka Tchiréon – Cryotechnic – Competitive and optimistic; researched the Metallic Infection alongside Siyuakén. Most socially in-tune of the Hero Machina Chaotics.
  • Vélunis Húnon – Weapons-Specialist Formtechnic, Low-Tier Velocitechnic – Born on the Nimalian Tier 3 World of Chiníka; Vélunis was moved to Nimalia when he joined the RPF, where he met and befriended Kievkenalis and Wilkas. Has no patience for unnecessary work or explanations, but is otherwise chill and laid-back.
  • Wilkas Icard – Forcetechnic – Born on the Nimalian Tier 4 World of Shekafte; Wilkas was moved to Nimalia when he joined the RPF, where he met and befriended Kievkenalis and Vélunis. Possesses a boisterous personality. He and Vélunis often amuse themselves by trolling unsuspecting individuals.


Characters primarily affiliated with the Nimalian Territories.


Characters primarily affiliated with Earth and Space Exploration, Reconnaissance, and Response Command (SERRCom).

Black Suns

Characters primarily affiliated with the Black Suns PMC.


(Note: Reading one of the following profiles before the character is introduced may spoil the story.)