Introduction to Rise

Rise Cover II (1200x1600)

20 years have passed since the Chaos Energy Quake rippled through the Milky Way Galaxy. During the year-long Quake, Chaos Energy became unusable, rendering much of the galaxy’s technology useless, and preventing Chaotics – beings who possess supernatural abilities – from using their powers. The galaxy has since moved on from the Quake, but to this day no one knows what could have caused it. The only broadly possible hints lie with the woefully few Chaotics born during the Quake, such as the seven Chaotics born on the world of Nimalia, homeworld of the Nimalian Territories. The other galactic civilizations see little correlation between the Quake and those born during it, but now that the seven have reached the age of 20, some Nimalians think they may be able to finally learn exactly what caused the galactic disruption two decades ago…

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Once you finish reading Rise, feel free to check out the Key Saga — a story set in the same world as Rise. You don’t really need to read Rise to understand the Key Saga, but I would recommend it all the same.

Link to the Key Saga